There are at least FOUR reasons people choose to give financially to their church:

  1. to support infrastructure (i.e., building maintenance, utilities)

  2. to reach a ministry goal (i.e., helping kids from abused families enjoy Christmas, building a school)

  3. to keep money from having too big a grip on our hearts (e.g., Ebenezer Scrooge)

  4. to respond with gratitude for what has first been given to us.

Why Do You Give?

Educating all generations to be the body of Christ.

Thank you for your generous gifts! Our grateful response for all that we have been given brings glory to God. At Good Shepherd, your gifts support our work together in "Educating all generations to be the Body of Christ." If you would like to make recurring electronic financial gifts to support your church, please consider an auto-draft initiated through your bank. E-mail our treasurer ( for routing and account information.

We also offer an on-line giving platform called Tithely. Making automatic gifts maximizes our generosity.

Please note that traditional gifts are also welcome; you can always mail a check into Good Shepherd at PO Box 750, Bastrop, 78602. Many financial institutions also offer automated check services, such as through bill pay.

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